If you have always wanted to learn how to paint, I encourage you to try One Stroke painting.

Donna Dewberry’s One Stroke painting technique is a fast and easy way to learn how to paint. You can blend, shade and highlight with one stroke of the brush.  The trick is how you load the brush with paint.

All my life, I wanted to learn how to paint.   I discovered Donna Dewberry’s One Stroke Painting Technique in 2001.  I bought a kit and followed the directions.  In less than an hour, I was able to paint a beautiful rose. I painted roses on everything.  I was so amazed at how easy it was.

In November, 2007, my husband surprised me with a trip to Florida to get my Level I Certification. To my astonishment, I passed.  In October, 2010, I went to Warren Robbins, GA for my Level II Certification.  I am presently working toward becoming an Elite Instructor.

My classes are designed to be stress free and lots of fun.  I hope you will try One Stroke.

Pam Gerhart

Certified One Stroke Instructor, Level II